Capital Services is a company founded in Switzerland in 2003, since then we have worked to provide a reliable money remittance service, which is reflected in these 12 years of growth that have made us a recognized company within the sector.

The credibility of our institution is based from the moment of its creation, we chose to establish our headquarters in the country where its main resource is finance becoming the world’s bank; hence, the laws that control money laundering are very well controlled by federal agencies. Our company is a member of the regulatory body POLYREG since April 15, 2004, that is how our value chain begins and all the processes are cities with precision.

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To offer our clients a fast, effective and quality service in sending remittances globally, through state-of-the-art technology and a highly committed and trained human group.


To be a leading and recognized company in the international financial intermediation sector.


Our most important value is the responsibility to deliver an optimal service to all our clients, understanding that they are the basis of our organization.